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Salcombe Finest are dedicated to providing the best and tastiest locally caught crab, brought in daily by local fishermen to the Fish Quay in Salcombe Harbour. 

Unlike many other crab producers, Salcombe Finest picks 100% of their crab meat by hand by a local team of skilled pickers, meaning you get a far tastier end product, which is supplied fresh to your door within 24 hours of leaving the sea.

But you may wonder why you can’t order your crab today and get it tomorrow. The main reason is that the crabs don’t just walk in to the office! Salcombe Finest want to make sure that your crab is a fresh as possible.

When they receive your order, the next day the fisherman will head out to sea and catch some brown crabs for your order (unless it is very stormy in which case they put the kettle on to wait out.)

The following day, the crab is landed (brought to the harbour walls), cooked, picked and packed. Your crab is vacuum packed and your parcel of joy is packed with ice gel packs to keep cool in transit. The courier picks the parcel up from Fisherman’s Quay and drives all night to get the crab to you the very next morning.

And all this is done for the love of crab meat! Phew!

Salcombe Finest also supply delicious Bigbury Bay oysters and Devon scallops, again delivered freshly to your door as soon as possible, to ensure you get the freshest possible seafood to enjoy.

Available products & prices:

100% handpicked white crab meat - £23.95 per 1b (454g). (1lb serves 8 as a starter, 4 as a main course)

100% handpicked brown crab meat - £9.00 per 1lb (454g). (1lb is perfect for bisques, pates or recipes)

Bigbury Bay oysters - £10.80 per dozen (approximately 120g per oyster)

Devon scallops - £14.10 per dozen (approximately 15-20g each in weight)

Homemade crab pate - £3.95 per pot (125g)


Fisherman's Friend - A generous selection of Salcombe Finest Products for a one-of-a-kind foodie present. This will make a serious impact on any seafood lover and would be a wonderful gift to share over the festive period. Imagine crab pate on hot toast as a canape, followed by freshly shucked, brightly flavoured oysters served with red wine shallot vinegar as a starter. A main course of freshly handpicked white and brown crab meat with new potatoes, a green salad and lashings of mayonnaise? Or maybe crab and scallop risotto? So much potential with these great ingredients!

Includes: 1lb handpicked white crab meat, 12 Bigbury Bay Oysters, 12 Devon scallops and 2 x 125g pots of homemade crab pate. De-li-cious.

Price: £50.00 per pack

The Big Catch - The ultimate gift for the ultimate foodie! It's called the Big Catch for a reason and this is a totally unique gift pack experience! Order The Big Catch for a real treat and be in seafood heaven. Yes, it's time to get excited with a wondrous selection of white crab meat, brown crab meat, oysters, scallops and homemade crab pate included in the pack. The potential for recipes ideas and ways of serving these products is simply awesome. How about crab linguini? Scallops with pea and mint puree? Oysters Kilpatrick?

Includes: 2lb handpicked white crab meat, 1lb handpicked brown meat, 18 Bigbury Bay Oysters, 12 Devon scallops and 2 x 125g pot of homemade crab pate. De-li-cious.

Price: £85.00 per pack

Gift vouchers are also available - £25, £50 and £100